Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

  1. Increase in Income.
  2. Better amenities to pilgrims.
  3. Excellent arrangements of water supply, electricity, lodging and cleanliness.
  4. Provision of Security Infrastructure.
  5. Successful Management of Urs and congregations.
  6. Protection / Development of Dargah Properties.
  7. 98% success in Legal Matters.
  8. Increase in Dargah properties and Agriculture land.
  9. Surveys and Map preparations for Planning purposes.
  10. Development of academic infrastructure.
  11. Creation a public face of Committee through website / booklets / interviews etc.
  12. Service to Aazmeen Haj.
  13. Development of Vishram Sthalies.
  14. Publicity awareness and sensitization about the activities of Committee.
  15. Elimination of beggers from Dargah Premises a historical step.
  16. Search for the Properties of Dargah Committee lying in various parts of the country, it’s identification, liason with Revenue Authorities, legal action and vigorous follow up thereof. Properties worth lakhs of rupees have been taken into possession by the Committee.
  17. Legal Action and campaign against the unauthorized occupants. The possessions of properties worth crores of rupees have already been taken.
  18. Renovation of Nazur Office of Dargah Committee.
  19. Renovation of a Part of Sandal Khana Masjid, Akbari Masjid, Seham Chirag.
  20. Periodical renovation of Gharib Nawaz Guest House.

Vishram Sthali at Kayad – Ajmer.

  1. Construction of 27 Dormitories to accommodate 1.20 Lakh pilgrims.
  2. Parking facility for 2000 buses.
  3. Complete and comprehensive infrastructure for security, Transport, Health Services, Electricity, Water, Bus and Railway bookings, availability of commodities at fixed rates by Distt. Supply Officer, Parks, Rain Water harvesting etc.

Future Projects

  1. Establishment of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Educational Complex: To impart job oriented technical education, specially to Minority communities in the field of Polytechnic, Engineering, Pharmacy and Computers.
  2. Beautification of Dargah Sharif : Renovation of flooring, gates and providing shade.
  3. Improvement of Darul Uloom Moinia Usmaniya Dargah Sharif : Providing systemic class rooms and Hostel for scholars.

Jhalra / Reservoir Project :

With an object to mitigate the huge gap between the demand and supply of water to the tune of 17 Crores Ltrs per annum and the water actually available to Dargah Committee from Public Health Engineering Department to the tune of 23 Lakh Ltrs., the Nazim, Dargah Committee alongwith his team has taken up a novel project in July 2007. Accordingly a number of skilled workers from rural areas (who had expertise in excavation of wells / water bodies etc.) were pressed into field, for excavation and cleaning of Jhalra (Ground Water Reservoir ) located in Dargah Premises. The works continued for almost one month and around 6000 Sft. area of Jhalra was scientifically excavated / cleaned upto 22 feet in depth. During this operation, apart from removal of garbage and debris from the bottom of this reservoir the openings / passes which were closed over the years were opened and made the pathway for groundwater movements / flow. As a result of these efforts the Committee could succeed in getting fresh mineral water of 71 lakhs of Ltrs. The water level of reservoir as on date is 42 feet spread over around 5000 feet. Presently the Committee is pumping daily 4.75 lakh ltrs. Of water which is treated through a plant and trippled filtered water is supplied. On our request a team of experts from the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India also visited and through their report considered it a unique project.

Projects to be undertaken during the year 2018-2019.

  1. Construction of new rooms in Gharib Nawaz Guest House.
  2. Construction of “Darul Aqama” for the Talba of Darul Uloom Moinia Usmaniya at Chilla Qutub Sahab.
  3. A Mall at Sarai Chishty Chaman, Station Road, Ajmer.
  4. Construction of Sanitation block at a suitable place. Efforts are on to earmark a suitable space in consultation with the Distt. Administration and Anjuman Khuddam.
  5. Coverage of Jhalra open space for the use of pilgrims.
  6. On commencement of the above projects they may run even in the years to come. It is proposed that the funding for these projects will be managed by following resources.
  7. Donations from potential tenants.
  8. Donation from General Public.
  9. Funds from Moulana Azad Education Foundation.
  10. Funds from Central Waqf Council.
  11. Own funds of Dargah Committee.

Projects Inside Dargah Campus

  1. Ensure free movement of pilgrims through proper planning including re-allocation / replacement of existing Commercial Units / installations and Hujras.
  2. Widening of Dargah Gates.
  3. Construction of Additional Gates.
  4. Modernization of Langar Khana.
  5. Installation of a Modern Plant for Hot Water at Guest House and Mosques under Dargah administration.
  6. Renovation of Khanqah.
  7. Leveling of Floors of Dargah.

Projects Outside Dargah Campus

  1. Provision of additional drinking water and Sanitation Facilities.
  2. Widening of Roads leading to Dargah.
  3. Widening of surrounding streets (With the help of Government of India )
  4. Parking Space Development / Cloak Room. (With the help of Government Rajasthan).
  5. Development of Sarai Chishty Chaman.
  6. Eidgah Development Plan.
  7. Expansion of Guest House.
  8. Renovation / Revitalization of Historic Buildings around Dargah Sharif.
  9. Construction of School Building for Khwaja Model School : Dargah Committee has Expansion Plans for existing building for Khwaja Model School upto a level of Senior Secondary with hostel facility.

Development of Vishram Sthali With the help of Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture,Ministry of Minority Affairs and active involvement of Government of Rajasthan through Ajmer Administration the works of Vishram Sthali are under rapid progress: The infrastructure is meant to provide facilities /amenities to the zaireen of Dargah Khwaja Saheb.