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Committee (2018-2023)

Sr.No Name Designation Image
1. Janab Amin Pathan Sahab President
2. Janab Munawar Khan Sahab Vice   President
3. Janab Babar Ashraf Sahab Member
4. Janab Sapaat Khan Sahab Member 
5. Janab Mohammed Faruque Azam Sahab Member 
6. Janab Javed Majid Parekh Member
7. Janab Syed Shahid Husain Rizvi Sahab Member
8. Janab Qasim Malik Sahab Member 
9. Janab Vaseem Rahat Ali Khan Member
10. Md Shadan Zeb Khan (Additional Charge) IRPFS 2001 Batch Nazim & CEO

Unique Position :

The management of the affairs of Dargah Sharif has always attracted special consideration of the rulers and in independent India, it is the only Dargah Sharif, the management of which is governed by a special Act of Parliament known as Dargah Khwaja Sahab, Act 1955.

The Dargah Khwaja Sahab Act, 1955:

It is an Act to make provision for the proper administration of Dargah and Endowment of the Dargah Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.). Under this Central Act the Administration, control and management of the Dargah Endowment has been vested in a representative Committee known as the Dargah Committee appointed by the Central Government. (The said Act is available on the website.

Functions of the Dargah Committee :

    1. To administer, control and manage the Dargah Endowment.
    2. To keep the buildings within the boundaries of the Dargah Sharif and all buildings, houses and shops comprised in the Dargah Endowment in proper order and in a state of good repair.
    3. To determine the privileges of the Khadims and to regulate their presence in the Dargah by the grant of them licenses in that behalf, if the Committee thinks it necessary.
    4. To determine the powers and duties of the Advisory Committee.
    5. To determine the functions and powers, if any, which the Sajjadanashin may exercise in relation to the Dargah.
    6. To appoint, suspend or dismiss servants of the Dargah Endowment.
    1. To receive all the money and other income of the Dargah Endowment.
    2. To see the Endowment funds are spent in the manner desired by the donors.
    3. To pay salaries, allowances and perquisites and make all other payments due, out of, or charged on, the revenues or income of the Dargah Endowment.
    1. To make such provision for the education and maintenance of the indigent descendants of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti and their families and the indigent Khadims and their families residing in India as the Committee considers expedient consistently with the financial position of the Dargah.
    2. Arrangements of the Urs of Khwaja Sahab and his Peero-o-Murshid every year.
    3. Providing free langar twice a day.
    4. Stipend to widows orphans and help to poor and needy.
    5. Arrangements of Unani and Homeopathic dispensaries and supply of free medicine.
    6. Scholarship to needy and deserving student for medical / Engineering and other courses.
    7. Maintenance of Darul Uloom Moinia Usmaniya and Schools.
    8. Burial of unclaimed dead bodies.